My Path to Becoming your Commonwealth's Attorney

Earlier this year, when Chris Billias was appointed to a judgeship, I was sworn-in as the Commonwealth’s Attorney for Rockbridge County and the City of Lexington. Initially, I was hired as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney in 2015 by Bucky Joyce. I was elevated to Chief Deputy in January of 2016. As Chief Deputy, I prosecuted many high-profile cases including several horrific child sexual abuse cases and most recently, a brutal murder. In my four years in the Rockbridge area, I established a solid reputation within the legal community for my professional conduct, my skills in the courtroom, my knowledge of the law, and my passion to see that justice is done.

My Experience

I am a seasoned prosecutor. I have handled a broad range of offenses from serious felonies, such as shootings, stabbings, robberies, rapes, and even capital murder, to countless misdemeanors, like DUIs, trespassing, and domestic violence. There is little I have not seen.

But I have found the most rewarding cases to be those involving the truly innocent among us: our children. I have met with far too many kids and listened as they described unspeakable things. These types of cases require a special touch that not many prosecutors possess. I have that touch. I am proud to say that I have been quite successful in putting away sexual predators who would dare to offend “these little ones.”

My Years in Danville

Much of my experience came as I served as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Danville for more than seven years. If you watch the local news at all, you know that it’s a pretty rough place. Danville’s crime rate is significantly higher than here in the Rockbridge area. While there, I was accustomed to trying case after case after case, day in and day out. As a result, I gained more trial experience in Danville than many trial lawyers do in their entire career. In short, I am not afraid to take a case to trial.

My Passion for Criminal Prosecution

I am passionate about what I do as a prosecutor and why I do it. Throughout my career, I have met with countless men, women, and children who have suffered some of the most horrifying experiences you can imagine. It has been a great honor to stand by their side as they confronted their offenders in the courtroom and help bring them to justice. I truly believe I have found my life’s calling in working with victims of crime. I will continue to serve as your Commonwealth’s Attorney with passion, dedication, and integrity.

My Promise

If I am elected, the people of Rockbridge County and the City of Lexington can be confident that your Commonwealth’s Attorney will have a:

  • Strong voice for the impartial administration of justice;
  • Strong voice for the principles of personal accountability and deterrence;

  • Strong voice on behalf of victims of crime;

  • Strong voice for the protection of our community;

  • Strong voice in the courtroom;

  • Strong voice during criminal investigations;

  • Strong voice for multi-agency cooperation;

  • Strong voice within our community; and

  • Strong voice for the rule of law.

Community Involvement

  • Instructor – Rockbridge Area Crisis Intervention Team
  • Instructor – Child First Training by the Children’s Advocacy Centers of Virginia

  • Member – Blue Ridge Criminal Justice Board

  • Member – Valley Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP)

  • Two-time President – Rockbridge/Buena Vista Bar Association

  • Past President – Buena Vista Rotary Club